Patrick Campbell, founder of ProfitWell, Free Subscription revenue reporting & Price Intelligently, subscription pricing software to stop the guesswork and get your pricing right.

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Today we are talking to Patrick Campbell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Price Intelligently. Patrick is THE source to go to for insights on SaaS Pricing and Monetisation.

Price Intelligently launched another product ProfitWell, which helps founders on the journey of scaling their SaaS business.

Today we are going to be talking about three things:

  1. the walls we meet building a SaaS business
  2. the three fundamentals of pricing and
  3. the customer development framework.



What you will learn

  • Why is offering Free subscription revenue reporting and what becoming “The Bloomberg of SaaS”.
  • The reason for starting and the starting point for
  • The importance of “10 years”, “10.000 hours”, “an inch wide and a mile deep”.
  • Dealing with “not feeling ready”, you have to charge at it from day one to break through the thousands of barriers on the road to a successful subscription business.
  • What the first product that was launched, look like.
  • Why focusing on a product (solution) in search of a problem, like Price Intelligently did, might not be the way you want to go.
  • Pivoting to a tool enabled service.
  • Why the subscription model is uniquely tiring you and your customers tighter together than ever before in business history.
  • The importance of persona, pricing and how to create pricing levels that match your different personas (features and pricing level)
  • How to collect the data to determine the sweet spot between features and pricing level.
  • The problem of setting your pricing level based on competition and what you can use competitor pricing for.
  • Understanding economics of pricing and cost of serving before you decide on final pricing and before you start scaling your revenue.
  • Why is giving away subscription revenue reporting for Free.
  • Why bootstrapping was right for Price Intelligently.
  • Why hiring the right people and creating the product right, rather than fast is important, and the importance of hiring great people that can do that.
  • The importance of network. The group of people that were important for Patric’s and Price Intelligently’s inspiration and finding solutions to constant challenges.
  • How Patrick has grown as a person and who he is today.
  • The importance of meditation and why it’s critical for servant leadership and running a SaaS business.




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