Peter Ramsey (24): Laughed out by Customers, out of cash and now successful in 350 cities.

Peter Ramsey

How Peter Ramsey got laughed out of the office by customers when presenting their property review service for tenants, landlords and agencies, ran out of cash. Stubborn and relentlessly persistent, is now victoriously  the most used rating service in 350 cities across UK and Peter Ramsey now one of top entrepreneurs to follow in 2017 in UK.

Only 24 years old, Peter Ramsey has achieved status of serial entrepreneur with a stronger mindset, persistence and humility than most people will ever achieve in life.



What you will learn:

  • How Peter accepted a friends challenge to DJ at a night club, and ended up performing in front of 2.000 students, with zero DJ experience.
  • How the idea for Movem dawned on Peter.
  • How Peter got laughed out when he presented his product for customers at the early stage.
  • How crowdfunding is the ultimate validation and why.
  • The important elements of pitching for funding.
  • Running out of cash and how Peter solved it.
  • Why selecting mentors rather than coaches, is important.

Resources mentioned in this episode

TED Talk with AirBnb
Guy Kawasikis 10 deck for pitching

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