Pia Silva: “Badass Your Brand”, Creating a Badass brand for like minded clients in three days and build a $500K a Year Business

ToE Pia Silva founder www.worstofalldesign.com & Author of Badass Your Brand

Pia Silva is the founder of Worst of All Design, where she helps impatient entrepreneurs like us turn the experience into profit and build our Badass Brand.

She the author of Badass Your Brand, which you will get a chance to acquire at the end of this show.

After three years with Worst of All Design, Pia considered giving up. With one client win in three months and running into debt Pia was seriously considering ending her journey. But the outlook of getting a job she didn’t really want she reinvigorated her big WHY.

Today we are going to talk about Pia’s journey from the low point to where Worst of All Design is today with $500.000 revenue, how she build her Badass Brand, finding out what doesn’t work and fix it.



What you will learn

  • How Pia contemplated quitting her business for lack of results and how she changed her business model and owned her business
  • Why Pia prefers working for her self than others
  • How Pia found the place in business where she thrived.
  • The risks and mistakes of copying the success of others and the finding her Badass Brand.
  • Don’t be afraid of niching down until it hurts because it makes it easier for clients to find you. Take a stand and stand tall.
  • The path to identifying the clients that resonated with Pia’s new business model
  • Changing from graphics design business to a branding company.
  • Going from $3.000 per client to $30.000 delivering in only three short days.
  • How to build up your pricing and product to $30.000 and delivering the product in three short days.
  • How pricing your product against competition is holding you back on creating the value you wish to deliver.
  • How to create a pricing model that fits your business and service.
  • The importance of creating a lead product, to avoid free-work and help you provide a thorough strategy before deciding on the project.
  • How Pia got out of a $30.000 debt in a few months.
  • The importance to stop and realize where you are and change direction and spot your limiting beliefs.
  • Changing the belief that big marketing and networking is necessary and scaling back to relying on word-of-mouth.
  • The importance of having a simple business offering and align your message with that makes it easier for clients to share your business and story. Take your own medicine.
  • Success is not linear, is includes constant failure, learning and growing.




Tribe of Entrepreneurs you can Download chapter one of Pia Silva’s Book “Badass Your Brand”




Connect with Pia Silva

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pialovesyourbiz/

 Website: Worst of All Design www.worstofalldesign.com

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