Rahul & Varun Aggarwal: From Zero to Profit with Designhill.com in Three Years

Rahul + Varun Aggarwal Designhill.com

Rahul and Varun Aggarwal started Designhill.com in 2014 in New Deli, India, now a global business and offers graphics design from 50K registered designers from around the world.

Despite a lot of online marketplaces for clients to find freelancers, Rahul and Varun saw a validation for their idea to fill a gap in the market for pure design. Excited about a $2 billion online design market, growing at a staggering +20% a year, they kept pushing through and reached profit three years after launching.



What you will learn

  • How Rahul and Varun both searched for design services to solve design jobs to get each their businesses off the ground.
  • Despite a ton of freelance marketplaces, none of the freelance marketplaces were entirely focused on design, so hence Designhill was created
  • How safety of getting paid, for the freelancers and safety of receiving the design, for the clients, Designhill has been focused on.
  • How entering a market with significant competition can be scary but a solid proof that it\s a viable business and proof of concept.
  • The market size really excited Rahul as online design market is only a $2 billion market (growing 20% a year) out of a +$50 billion tool market. So do your market research before you make faulty assumptions.
  • How Designhill was first created as a pretend product, which failed. After this, the focus was a deep relationship with freelance designers to understand the need from the freelance side.
  • How live-feedback is KING in getting fast feedback from clients and freelancers. It’s been the major source of information for the development of Designhill.
  • The belief the Designhill could succeed was during validation and feedback of the concept from freelancers.
  • How Rahul and Varun created a community for designers before they build designhill to help facilitate designers sharing design ideas (like a mastermind group for designers)
  • Facebook has been instrumental in building the designer/freelance side (supply) of designhill.com, whereas SEO has been key to bringing in clients (demand)
  • Next for Designhill is UNLIMITED GRAPHICS DESIGN for a monthly subscription.

Key Points

  • Saving money while working on starting Designhill
  • Using Live-feedback to building the product-market-fit
  • Being out of your comfort zone is absolutely NECESSARY to build something important and succeed.
  • Rahul and Varun build Designhill slowly and validating the product before going full time.
  • Achieving break-even three years after launch.
  • Find a co-founder to start your business, someone who can help you stay positive, have an opposing view, keep focus and the ability to focus on what each of you is good at.
  • Perseverance and self-learning are KEY traits to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Know each and every function in your business and you build it BEFORE you delegate or outsource tasks as you grow your business.



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