Robert Thomas Bethel: Building 77 Businesses, Now Sharing how You can Build & Strengthen your Business.

Robert Thomas Bethel Author of the book "Strengthen Your Business"

Today’s guest is Robert Thomas Bethel. For over 50 years, Bob has made a habit of taking over completely broke, failing businesses and making them profitable.

The trick to turning the tables for 77 companies across multiple industries has been the same.

His book, Strengthen Your Business, doesn’t contain “Hype”, Ratios, Concepts, or Theory, but instead practical steps that can be implemented in any business today, right now, without cost.

Bob Bethel is driven by helping entrepreneurs and business owners drive down failure rate and install principles that will save and grow your business short term and build a solid company, long-term. Based on 50 years of experience and 77 businesses.

Today we’ll be talking about Bob’s superpowers, his new book “Strengthen your business” how to build your plan, get focused “Who does What, to Whom, When and How much”.



What you will learn

  • From launching a successful business at age 21 to complete bankruptcy.
  • The reasons why he failed, a lesson for us aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • How Robert was introduced to an awesome opportunity to get back on he’s feet
  • The value of not making any assumptions about a troubled business and why.
  • The principles by which we can prevent our business from failing and achieve immense growth.
  • How the majority of businesses have NO business plan. You need a business plan and Robert explains why it’s crucial when you have a team, customers, and suppliers.
  • Why “we”, all of us, need to be part of the business plan.
  • The importance of metrics and measuring daily activity is key to create the sense of urgency and focus.
  • Raise revenue and cut cost are the two crucial focus points.
  • Goals, Roles & Responsibility: Who does What, to Whom, When and How much.
  • Individual and team goals need to be visible to everyone all the time, not hidden away on a computer, put it on the wall.
  • At any point in time, we need to know how far we are from our daily goals.
  • Finding the great ideas comes from being in the trenches for years and understanding the industry, the details of how things work and have a mindset of improving the flow, products, and quality.
  • 10 years and 10.000 hours
  • A mile deep and an inch wide as opposed to a mile wide and an inch deep.
  • Empowering: Teaching employees how to ensure profit and why you should not provide pay raises but rather pay out bonuses instead.
  • Building network with the five best people in your industry and your customers. Here is how Robert does it.



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