Roberto Blake Part ONE: From Bullied & Depressed to the Leading Video Marketing & Branding Master with 265K YouTube Subscribers

Roberto Blake, founder of Awesome Creator Academy  and Video Marketing & Branding expert

Roberto Blake (Part 1 of 2) bullied and depressed, wanted to end it all, when he realized he could change it all, build his massive creative skills at age 14 and now 20 years later, the Master of Video Marketing and Branding for major global brands and creator of a YouTube channel with 265K subscribers.

In this episode 1 of 2, Roberto Blake talks about combating massive adversity and building massive skills in digital marketing, brand building. Roberto is also revealing, in detail, how he has built a very successful business starting with a YouTube channel and now a million dollar business.

In Episode 2 of 2, we will learn how Roberto Blake executed on his plan, stayed consistent, build a mentoring program, courses in addition to the consulting he offers BIG brands.


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What you will learn

Roberto didn’t have the “build” for Cross-Country running but he outworked and outran all the others on the team because he wanted it more, and became the team Captain.

Graphics design, visual branding, social media, search engine optimisation has helped Roberto to build Roberto’s disproportionate advantages in creating a business at an early age of 14 years.

Education is important but it will not put you at an advantage compared to others.

Honour student, who instead of doing homework, invested and mastered

  • code to build websites
  • photography
  • graphics design,
  • photo manipulation,
  • video production and editing, and
  • selling stuff on eBay.
  • If I had learned actual programming and app development, I would have been unstoppable.
  • Skills Roberto acquired 20 years ago is now so critical to business in a digital world that Roberto enjoys an amazing level of success
  • Roberto now working directly with YouTube, Adobe, Dell, Samsung and HBO billboards
  • Roberto has redone the covers for two Steve Hawking’s novels, now sold in Barns & Noble.
  • You do not want to be normal but an outlier, a freak of nature, that’s where success is.
  • Creativity as an outlet for being bullied, now a mastermind with 260K YouTube followers.
  • Grew up with dark-room photo development, drawing, illustrating, cameras that are older than Roberto himself.
  • Grew up in pain, no image of happy, build his master skills in Social Media Marketing now 260K YouTube subscribers.
  • On the brink of suicide, he asked himself “can you imagine what being happy looks like?”
  • Roberto started to visualize what happy looked like and what it would take to change.
  • Looking at the list of changes that needed to happen to become happy, Roberto got enraged and obsessed, because he had been ready to end his life because he was too lazy to make the changes needed. This was unacceptable to Roberto and has since then provided the fire and direction for Roberto’s exciting life.
  • The light at the end of the tunnel is a purpose a dream you have to strive and work for, have a plan.
  • How Andy Weir, author of “The Martian”, was ridiculed, turned down but went to the marketplace, published it himself on Amazon. Ended up with a Miramax deal we now have all seen.
  • Don’t romanticise the path towards your goal, it’s hard work, bruises, and turn-downs, but if you get up, pivot and stay persistent, you can succeed.
  • How Roberto Blake used his YouTube channel as an outlet for his amazing creativity and used it to build amazing video marketing skills, products, and a million dollar business.






Get $20 OFF the first 3 months,
At check-out, ENTER the code “tribe”
and You’ll receive your $20 DISCOUNT the first 3 months.
Blake’s offer is valid until December 31st, 2017

Video 6 steps to starting your own website on YouTube HERE

YouTube creator hub channel by Roberto Blake

Andy Weir, author of “The Martian”



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