Roberto Blake Part TWO: What is Your Purpose? .. How Roberto Blake Monetize his YouTube Channel and Pivoted to Consulting & Courses

Roberto Blake, founder of Awesome Creator Academy  and Video Marketing & Branding expert

In the firs episode with Roberto Blake we talked about combating massive adversity and building massive skills in digital marketing, brand building. Roberto is also revealing, in detail, how he has build a very successful business starting with a YouTube channel

“Own the answer”, beyond the broad irrelevant keyword toward a context

In this Episode, we will learn how Roberto Blake executed on his plan, Created his YouTube Channel and pivoted to other products and how he is monitoring on all of them … in detail. So if you are wondering how you could make money with a podcast, youtube channel, don’t miss this episode.



What you will learn

  • Purpose before product.
  • Personal branding is about delivering a message from a place of authenticity and scaling that by connecting with people who share your values.
  • Selling hand-drawn cartoons at 5 years to his classmates for 50 cents and mentor being Scrooge McDuck.
  • If the five people around you are victimising you, you need to change who you surround yourself with.
  • How BIG brands are now hiring Roberto for MAJOR design and marketing campaigns like HBO Boxing, Steven Hawking Novels in Barns & Nobles.
  • Why CoWorking places are really valuable
  • Running against your self vs runnings against others who can push you and force you to the next level.

How Roberto is monetizing his skills “IMPORTANT”

YouTube Revenue

Ad revenue (YouTube) via Google Adsense
0.5 – 0.7 Million views a month which give Roberto $2,500 to $3,500 a month
This fluctuates a lot for reasons you don’t control so don’t rely on this as a sole source of income.

Affiliate marketing revenue

$5-7,000 a month
One affiliate make up 50% of affiliate revenue
Amazon is less 1,500 a month
Web hosting is around $1,000

Sponsorship revenue

Product gifts, $10-20,000 worth of free products

Consulting revenue

  • Video editing & Design Freelancing
  • Creative director (stop doing the Freelancer and Direct the Freelancers)
    • Dont sell hours but focus on managing talent and projects and deliver your skill and expertise through Freelancers.
    • Revenue share with Freelancers and yo keep the rest.
  • Spotting and vetting creative talent for corporate clients
  • YouTube Channel Audit, + Brand Consulting
    • 90 minutes call @ $597. This translates to 13 calls a month x $597 = $7,761 a month

Managing corporate YouTube Accounts revenue

  • Roberto hire people and have a team to provide this service

Course revenue

  • Mentoring program
  • Courses


Check out Roberto’s offerings HERE to get inspiration for your product offering

Selecting the right Channel (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc)

What you need to consider your audience, the format and what you intend to teach.



What’s next for Roberto





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Resources mentioned

Video 6 steps to starting your own website on YouTube HERE


YouTube creator hub channel by Roberto Blake


Chris Strub thank’s for making this happen and helping us to connect with Roberto Blake. Visit Team Strub to explore “50 States in 100 days” and how Chris helps Charity Organisations use Social Media to increase their reach and boost donations.

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