Ruston Miles: Stop overanalyzing, make the “jump” and start implementing

Ruston Miles, founder of Bluefin Payment Systems
Ruston’s journey is a phenomenal entrepreneurial inspiration, from taking a job as a telemarketer, as a teenager to deal with his stuttering, sold music equipment for $250.000 at age 16 and founded Bluefin Payment Systems, in 2002 which became #5 on Inc 500 fastest growing companies in 2012.
Ruston Miles is the founder of Bluefin Payment Systems, which since 2002 has been providing security and encryption of digital payments for us, consumers, everyday transactions with online and retail payments. Today Bluefin has more than 100 employees across offices in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Tulsa, Waterford and Ireland.

What you will learn

  • Started his first business selling music equipment for $250.000 at age 16.
  • How advice from a neighbor, at an early age, set Ruston on a trajectory towards technology and entrepreneurship.
  • Managing 11 employees as agency founder at age 22 years
  • Finding his product. The process Ruston used to narrow in on the business and lifestyle he wanted for him self.
  • How Ruston looks at starting and growing a business the same way as a university degree: “We learn and graduate”.
  • What the “right time” was for Ruston to jump from employment to starting his own business and how he prepared for it.
  • How Ruston got customers before making the jump and why.
  • From moving fast in the beginning of a startup, to grow and focus on governance, people management and protecting the customers.
  • Ruston’s take on what kind of people you should hire as the business starts growing.
  • How Ruston’s challenged him self at an early age, taking a job as a telemarketer to deal with his stuttering.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Noah Kagan, Tips, and inspiration to validate a product and launch your business, without overanalyzing. Just get started today,

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