Ryan Williams: The Influencer Economy, The few that succeeded and how they did it.

Ryan Williams founder and author of www.influencereconomy.com

Today we are talking to Ryan Williams, author of “The Influencer Economy” which lays out the new rules of success from the emerging leaders of the Influencer Economy.
Ryan is a marketing strategist, helped Snoop Dog create his own podcast, a speaker at Google, SXSW, Vanderbilt University, City University of London, USC.

Ryan’s book is written from his own perspective as a creative entrepreneur, bootstrapping his big idea.

So Tribe of Entrepreneurs, If you are in a similar situation— looking to become an influencer, start your own business and share your unique expertise or working on your big idea, then this episode is for you.




What you will learn

  • How undervaluing our own skills and value is what keeps us from getting started and succeeding.
  • Why collaboration, and helping others succeed, is key to making it in the influencer economy.
  • Why the best ideas don’t win because they lack the element of collaboration.
  • To be a tribe you need to have a shared vision, communication ability and collaborations, and partnerships.
  • The importance of everyday grinding to make it as an entrepreneur and influencer.
  • The Vlog Brothers (Hank & John Green) and how they started VidCon, one of the largest conferences for Video Blogging.
  • The difference between “doers” and “maker”: having a vision and pursuing it or a doer, who get started and build the vision on the way.
  • How Brad Feld, TechStars, started a startup community, invested in Fitbit but started blogging with no specific goal but it eventually ended up as TechStars.
  • The importance of starting small. Don’t worry about vision, it can come later. Uber started locally and the big vision came later.


The steps for building your status of Influencer

  1. Launch
    1. Pick your platform
    2. Book Your Own Gigs
    3. Adopt New Technology Early and Often
  2. Share
    1. Strive for Authenticity
    2. Collaborate
    3. Capture Lightning in a Bottle
  3. Thrive
    1. Open Doors for Others
    2. Meet People In Real Life (IRL)
    3. Give Your Community Ownership


  • Most of what we can decide to create are not groundbreaking so you need to consider how you can make it “sexy”.
  • Ryan’s journey from writing the book, starting a podcast to speaking and consulting.
  • Authenticity is key to cut through the noise and lack of authenticity. “Does your words match your actions?”
  • Adapting your message to fit the platform, so be mission-driven and platform agnostic.
  • The virtue of grind, getting your reps in, building your social proof before pitching the biggest “fish” in the sea.
  • Which of the three do you identify with; Pivoter, double downer, or a segwayer?
  • What was keeping Ryan from getting started after acquiring the URL www.influencereconomy.com, and why it took more than a year to get started.



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Resources mentioned

Ryan Williams’ book on Amazon, “The Influencer Economy”

Scott Belsky, author of  “Making ideas happen”

Seth Godin, author of the book “Tribes”

Hanna Hart, YouTube Channel “My Drunk Kitchen”



Connecting with Ryan Williams

Ryan’s website www.influencereconomy.com

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