Saija Mahon: How she started an international digital agency with Zero capital

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Today’s guest, Saija Mahon, is a proper Maverick in Digital Marketing, she is the founder of Mahon Digital Ltd ( in England, which she has grown into multiple offices in Scandinavia, including her native Finland plus a web design agency, Lonely Robot Web Design.

Before launching Mahon Digital Marketing she spend 10 years working in some of the largest digital agencies in England, a career she started when moving to England from her native Finland at the age of 20.

Aside from running Mahon Digital Marketing, traveling between offices, caring for her family, she is also the founder and CEO of The Caviar Club ( a Finnish business networking club that connects business owners and enables business growth by sharing knowledge and experience.

She is also the author of “The Modern Female Entrepreneur”, How to steer your life and family towards Success via Entrepreneurship (available at Amazon), a speaker and mentor at GirlsInTech London and Helsinki, passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap.

She’s been featured in numerous entrepreneurial magazines and named a “Super Woman” by, a popular Finnish magazine.


Some questions I ask:

  • How did you combat your fear and self-doubt that made you take action?
  • Lot’s of our listeners are struggling with finding the “right” idea, how did you find yours?
  • What was it that moved you to finally take action?(mentor, network, bus partner)?
  • Did you have a job and started your business on the side?
  • When did you make your first sale and how did that feel?
  • What was your first major business goal and when did you achieve that?
  • Do you have a mentor, coach, network, master class that contributes to your personal and business growth?
  • Has it been worth it, the entrepreneurial struggles and the emotional roller coaster?


What you will learn:

  • Why Saija wanted to start her own digital marketing agency
  • How networking helped build her digital agency
  • How Saija managed to create an income in just 6 months
  • The specific challenges of build an agency, that you can avoid.
  • Saija’s advice on what you should do to start your own entrepreneurial journey.


Connect with Saija:

Web –

Web –

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Twitter: @mahondigital

Twitter: @saijamahon

Networking events in Scandinavia:


Twitter: @thecaviarclubfi



Saija’s book:

THE MODERN FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR: How to steer your life and family towards Success via Entrepreneurship


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