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Sarah Goodall: Waited 20 years to create her own amazing business & lifestyle

Ep 015 Sarah Goodall tribalimpact

Sarah’s fantastic journey from design education to 20 years in corporate marketing, before the chimes for starting her own business, was so loud, she could no longer ignore them.

Sarah has had a long and successful career in social media marketing for large international companies like SAP, IBM and Hitachi before she took the BIG leap and created her own social media agency Tribal Impact, where she offers consulting and workshops for organisations to help them build their own social tribe. She is also offering social media courses for everyone from beginner to master level.

Working for more than 20+ in a prestigious global organization, SAP in Europe, Middle East and Africa where she has managed social media marketing, and trained over 3000 colleagues in how to become social advocates for the business.


Some questions I ask

  • What problem is tribal impact solving for the clients?
  • How do you make an income?
  • What lead you into the 20 years corporate career that you so successfully mastered?
  • Why made you start your own business after 20 years in corporate jobs?
  • What were your concerns about getting new clients and income from your new business?
  • How did you realize which services would be useful for your customers?
  • Are you using a mentor for taking yourself and the business to the next level?
  • What does a daily routine look like for you?


What you will learn

  • How social media has changed the way businesses should interact with their customers across social channels.
  • How Sarah’s helping clients go from social zero to social hero, create content, building a voice and brand.
  • The lifestyle that Sarah is enjoying already after two years in her own business and how she generate an income.
  • The “excuses” Sarah realized had kept her from starting her own business for 20 years.
  • What kept Sarah in corporate marketing and what finally pushed Sarah to start her own business.
  • How Sarah struggled for months with fear and doubt, discussions with her family, before she finally took the leap.
  • How Sarah was convinced that starting a social media consulting and training business had an opportunity window of 3-5 years, and she needed to move NOW.
  • How Sarah procrastinated starting her business unsure if she had ALL the skills needed.
  • How Sarah’s new business took off from an unexpected angle.
  • How Sarah was struggling with the audience, message, and design before launching. Just talk to customers and take it from there.
  • How Sarah stayed in contact with her former coworkers during the development and launch of her business, products and marketing and how they became customers.
  • How Sarah structures her day with family, 3 kids, a husband, business, and mortgage.
  • How a mentor helps Sarah iron out the daily wobbles.
  • How Sarah is managing her own time, the freedom to the family it affords her, and a lifestyle she has.
  • What is next for Sarah's business, Tribal Impact.
  • What Sarah suggest should be the ONE Thing we should do to get started now!


Be yourself, don’t act like anyone else, just be yourself. - Sarah Goodall


Don’t try to make things perfect, just talk to customers and learn as you go. Sarah Goodall


I have bought all the self-help books and taken all the online courses there is. Stop doing that and just launch and learn. Sarah Goodall



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Sarah Goodall's favorite book

Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation


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