Scott Beebe: 4 Steps to Business Freedom, How to Build Your Business, Goal Setting and Delegation Road Map

Scott Beebe founder of My Business On Purpose

Scott Beebe, the founder of My Business On Purpose (dot) COM, where he helps small business owners and organizational leaders uncover things that they cannot see, and create game-changing strategies so they can take immediate action and live out their life and business with purpose and intentionality.

He is hosting his own podcast Business on Purpose, coaching, and courses on creating a family vision, Four Steps to Business Freedom.

In this episode we talk about getting started, setting goals, how to grow a consulting and coaching business in 6 months and become ruthlessly efficient.



What you will learn

  • The Delegation Road Map which you can use to become more efficient, achieve you goals
  • How you could be spending $12.000 a month on just checking email
  • How Scott was pushed into entrepreneurship and how he got razor focused and the help he asked for at got.
  • Hiring a Coach who had already done what Scott wanted to achieve.
  • How Scott’s biggest fear of starting as Coach, a client asking “What experience do you have as Coach”, and how this question was ask once and never since.
  • How Scott grew his clientele through his initial clients and expanded his business organically in months, with no use of paid advertising.
  • How Scott’s product development and price point has increased.
  • How Scott has created industry-specific efficiency methodology for Architects
  • How digital will never replace the need for human relations and trust in building our business.
  • How Scott and his business is living “The 12 Week Year”.
  • Why Scott will NEVER give up one-on-one client coaching and what amazing value this creates the business
  • Peak and Vally’s of the entrepreneurial journey and what’s required to go through the peak and valley’s to achieve your goal.
  • Staying on track and having accountability partners and coaches is extremely helpful to stay on track.
  • Fear and how Scott is overcoming the constant drumbeat of fear
  • Most pleased with the freedom Scott is able to enjoy the time at the family dinner table.



Seven categories (Vision) for our journey and business

  1. How far out (Term)
  2. What does family and freedom look like at the end of the term?
  3. Financials. How much do you need to profit to make this happen?
  4. Product and service. What are you going to sell?
  5. Personal. What team and technologi will you need to produce
  6. Who are the clients / Avatar
  7. What kind of culture.

Eric Schultz and Bill Gates … Everyone needs a coach.




Proverbs: “Where there is no vision, people scatter”
Proverb: “Write the vision down so those who read it may run”




Resources mentioned in this episode

FREE Gift to YOU From Scott … but you’ve got to commit to putting in the work, or don’t download it.

The entire tutorial that Scott use to take his clients through when creating your VISION


Fear and how Scott is overcoming the constant drumbeat of fear


Set Your 3 Goals and achieve them in 12 Weeks:
The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran


Audio Book


The Dip, by Seth Godin

How winners are really just the best quitters.Winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt—until they commit to beating the right Dip.



Connecting with Scott Beebe

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