Stan Peake: Neck & back injuries couldn’t keep him from succeeding

Stan Peake, performance coach,

Stan Peake has had no shortage of major physical injuries, but despite those, he got up and continued. Today Stan is living a life he loves and only wishes he had started earlier.

A neck injury, in high school football, ended his football days, which lead him to pursue a life in fitness coaching and director in the fitness industry for 18 years. Successful but unfulfilled, Stan set out to find what he really wanted and finally realized his call. Shortly after starting his new business Stan broke his back in a bike accident, a set back that eventually resulted in Stan’s new coaching business really taking off to new heights.

Join Stan and I, in today’s awesome episode, learn how Stan handled the adversity of physical long term injuries and what helped him push through.



What you will learn

  • How Stan tuned in to starting his own business despite not being raised in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • With two businesses behind him, Stan succeeded with his third business as a high-performance coach.
  • How Stan identified who he wanted to help, people like him self, how this steered him in to identifying coaching as his product.
  • How a physical injury set back Stan significantly in his new startup and how it ironically added tremendous growth in his new business.
  • Stan’s network and new client ecosystem. Learn how Stan’s very targeted networking focus has meant a constant flow of new client.
  • How Stan was struggling with re-branding him self from fitness specialist to business specialist.
  • How we rarely ever have the right business model, from the beginning, and the need to pivot before we succeed. It’s all about learning.
  • How the physiology effect of “fear” and “excitement” is similar. How to get in your “state” tuned into performance and “excitement”.
  • Stan’s G-R-E-A-T morning
  • Why risk taking, personal conviction, and hard work is essential to starting your own business and conviction that you can and will overcome obstacles.



Resources mentioned in this episode

Book and get a FREE one-on-one call with Stan right here


Book by Eric Ries The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

Biography Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

The episode with Marty Vids (mortgage broker) and why networking with professional’s (auditors, lawyers, etc.) is a great approach to getting new clients.

Book Leadership by Giuliani, Rudolph (January 5, 2005) Paperback


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