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Stig T Brodersen founder of We Study Billionaires @ The Investors Podcast

Today’s guest, Stig T. Brodersen, is the co-host of The Investor’s Podcast, the premier investment podcast in iTunes.

He’s a former College Professor, Master of Finance and Studied Business Analysis at Harvard University

Today he is living his dream of creating finance courses for The Investors Podcast community and running his own investment Holding Company.

Aside from studying and interviewing billionaires, discussing billionaires favorite books, he is also the Author of Amazon Best Seller “The Warren Buffet Accounting Book” and “The 100 page Summary of the Intelligent Investor” and more.

So if you are looking to get educated on how to invest your money like a Billionaire, Stig T. Brodersen of The Investor’s Podcast, is the man to go see.

Today we are talking about how to create a community around your passion by focusing on creating value, building a team and a business.



What you will learn

  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffet discussion what makes the billionaire mindset, Bill Gates father asked: “What determines your success more than anything else” and both Warren and Bill answered both independently of each other … FOCUS
  • How empowering people to make their own financial decisions is driving Stig to make free finance courses and tools for private investors.
  • How the focus when starting The Investors Podcast was to provide value and NOT generate revenue the first year to enable an undecided attention to creating value before selling.
  • Building a community is about creating value and giving rather than selling to them. Build the trust, the value, and the community before you start selling.
  • People just have an easier time recommending a great service and product to some else if it’s free.
  • How the journey from Stig’s passion for investment to creating The Investors Podcast and building a community and products around his passion.
  • The pros and cons of having a business partner and making sure you share a goal and dedication.
  • Starting an online business is all about finding your niche. Ask your self: What is it that you can do better than no one else?
  • Creating a business and building a team around it. You don’t have a business if you are needed every day.
  • Realise what you are good and hire people to do the rest. Build good personal skills and the skills of explaining in simple terms of the goal, tasks is really crucial to building a great team and business.
  • Why Stig ended a career in commodity trading after 18 months and what he did then.

How The Investors Podcast is creating income

  • Podcast sponsorships (advertising)
  • Courses
  • Keynote speaking
  • Book royalties
  • Affiliate marketing

Stig & Preston are very focused on offering the TIP community free insight, courses, tools and live events around the world to help us all become better investors.



Quotes mentioned





Resources mentioned

TOP 3 Habits successful people share – Billionaires


Book: Warren Buffet Accounting, author Stig T Brodersen



Connecting with Stig Brodersen

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