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Tim Laskis: Ignore your critics, fear is growth, finding your “Costa Rica”, a recipe for a fulfilling life.

Tim Laskis, host of The Tim Laskis Show podcast

Welcome to the world of Tim Laskis and how he managed to change his life trajectory for ever.

Tim Laskis is an avid motor cross enthusiast, entrepreneur, podcast host, and clinical psychologist.

Growing up, mostly got C’s and D’s in high school, never succeeded in any sports and therefore never really felt he managed to fit in and feel successful anywhere. Today he is happily married, a successful podcast host, motocross, and business coach, teacher and living an amazingly fulfilling life.

After 24 years as an achieved university professor in clinical psychology, he decided to leave everything behind, left for Costa Rica where he got married, dabbled with real estate, wrote a book “Finding your Costa Rica” AND launched a real estate building service company, which he sold for a nice profit.

After returning to America he launched a podcast “The Tim Laskis Show”, where he, among lots of guests, has interviewed Michael Talbott, from Miami Vice, and offers coaching, teaching you to launch and grow a podcast.

Welcome to the world of Tim Laskis and how he managed to change his life trajectory for ever.


What you will learn

  • How the love for motocross helped Tim find his first real success and later helped Tim create his coaching business.
  • How Tim found his interest and passion in Psychology and how the teacher took an interest in Tim and helped understand how to study and excelled like never before and changed Tim’s life trajectory.
  • Why Tim gave up his life in America, sold everything and left to Costa Rica.
  • How Tim dealt with the shock and horror expressed by family, friends, and colleagues when deciding to give up everything and move to Costa Rica.
  • What it feels like when you only possessions left are what fits in two suitcases en route to a new life.
  • How finding his big love changed Tim’s trajectory and entrepreneurial path.
  • How Tim’s passion for psychology and desire to help others is the foundation for his income today and ability to live a life of passion.
  • Why having goals and a schedule helps you achieve your goals.
  • How fear is a sign of growth, just like the feeling of pain when pushing your self in the fitness center.

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