Tom Kulzer, Aweber: From selling wireless modems to creating the ultimate eMail Marketing tool

Tom Kulzer founder

Tribe of Entrepreneurs we are talking to the founder of Aweber, our favorite email marketing tool and auto email responder, Tom Kulzer.

Tom Kulzer walks us through how he went from a wireless modem salesman to the email marketing guru he and Aweber is today.

Tom started AWeber during his university years figuring out a way to automate his follow-up emails to his wireless modem customers.

Today, AWeber has 120 team members and over 120,000 paying customers around the world. I’m one of them and the second time around.

We are going to talk about, creating and shipping your first product, how to get to product market fit, when is the right time to scale and how to do it.



What you will learn

  • The first version of Aweber Tom shipped while in University, was solving his own business problem in his business selling mobile modems.
  • How hiring Aweber’s first employee came too late and what was holding Tom back from hiring earlier.
  • What eventually lead Tom to hire his first employee.
  • It takes time building a great product, so make sure you focus on ONE problem that you want to solve and ship that.
  • Beware of featuritis which can happen if you fill all customer feature requests. You have to understand the end to end problem you want to solve.
  • The marketing focus that has worked the best for Aweber in scaling from 1,000 to 120,000 customers.
  • The importance of customer support in scaling a SaaS business.
  • How challenges and biggest concerns of scaling a SaaS company evolve around people and culture.
  • The importance of having a mission that everyone on the team understands and relates to.
  • Allowing autonomy for people to pursue ideas and feel they can live out their own way of solving problems.
  • Why Aweber take all new employees through two weeks of onboarding.
  • How Tom is using mastermind groups and mentors to sharpen his skills



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Tom on Twitter Tom Kulzer (@tkulzer) | Twitter

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