Tom Schwab: You already know what your product is, now call a customer, get started today.

Tom Schwab, founder of Interview Valet,
Tom Schwab is the founder of (started in 2014), a concierge service for getting business owners, entrepreneurs and any one with a message, get featured on leading podcasts.
How the 2008 financial crisis and a book “Inbound Marketing” changed Tom’s perspective on marketing and his life trajectory, the creation of his first online product, his book PODCAST GUEST PROFITS: Grow your business with a targeted interview strategy and eventually the leading service to get guests featured on podcasts Interview Valet.

What you will learn

  • Why Tom considers self-employment as safer than employment.
  • How podcast guesting can provide businesses and influencers markedly more leads than conventional paid marketing.
  • Why a dedicated landing page is a key to converting podcast listeners.
  • How Interview Valet is generating an income.
  • How Tom, from selling “online course” guesting podcast, used customer feedback to identify Interview Valet as his new business.
  • How spotting the “idea” crystallized over time and not a “light bulb” moment.
  • How Tom only created the minimum viable product, contact the customers and launched. Waiting for the website, lead pages etc is finished is “procrastination”.
  • How long it took Tom to be cash positive with his first online course.
  • The importance of ensuring customer success.
  • Aligning marketing and operations to ensure continuous growth.
  • Measuring success in the early days is not cash but points of momentum that leads to success. It’s important to celebrate success frequently even customer wins, feedback etc.





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Book by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah – Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online


Episode with Derek Lundsten “be obsessive about work & connecting with your customers”.


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