Tommy Breedlove: Discovered his brilliance, meaning & avoided corporate career meltdown.

Tommy Breedlove, founder

Tommy Breedlove explains how we are killing our selves, our brilliance, and sensation of fulfillment by trying to be what we think is expected by others. Don’t, you will be far more successful and happy by following YOUR values.

Tommy is a shining example that life changes are possible and Tommy is currently on his 3rd iteration.

After a successful 20-year accounting career, Tommy experienced a shift of heart and mind and moved into a completely new life and through his business “Choose Goodness” (

Tommy now helps executives and entrepreneurs focus beyond the bottom line, how to attract talent, customers and how to live a fulfilling life.



What you will learn

  • How to achieve your goals by your God-given talents
  • How business problems almost always revolve around loss of focus on forgetting what we are really good at and our WHY.
  • How focusing our work and personal life around our talent and zone of genius always leads to us being far more happy and successful both financially and spiritually.
  • How Tommy went from spending his 19 years birthday in jail to global accounting company in 3 years.
  • How Tommy turned his life around by realizing his own values, rather than other peoples values, and focusing on them and being “Tommy”.
  • From the most disliked persons at his firm to the most beloved in 1 year.
  • How Chose Goodness was born to be a personal aspirational benchmark and not the movement it is today.







  • How Tommy realized the Chose Goodness was something that could help others.
  • How network, mentors and mastermind groups are an essential help Tommy stay on track and avoid falling back into old habits.
  • Everyone want’s to change the world but few want to change themselves, but that is where it starts.
  • Be willing to look your self in the mirror and be willing to recognize what you see.
  • Surround yourself with abundant minded people.




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