Tracy Childers: “The Dangling Carrot Trick” and Building “WishList Member™”, the Ultimate Tool for Creating Your Own Membership Site!

Tracy Childers founder WishList Member™

“Prove you can finish what you said you would do”, those were the words that have had the biggest impact on today’s guest, Tracy Childers.

Tracy is the co-founder of “WishList Member”, which he created together with his close friend Stu McLaren who had some challenges with creating a membership site and a lot of ideas.
Tracy had the team and together they got to work and created WishList Member™ the ultimate tool to manage your membership site, which now serves more than 88.000 clients.

Today we are going to be talking about the importance of staying true to who you are, showing up and finish what you said you’d do and the idea and journey behind WishList Member.



What you will learn from Tracy Childers

  • How Tracy got introduced to information product business online and propelled him into creating online products and a business.
  • Trac’s first info product launch in
  • How producing WP plugins on a subscription basis, required a membership management system was a necessity.
  • How it turned out that that WishList Member showed to be the product that would take off in the market.
  • Using mastermind groups to recruit beta customers for their new product.
  • Getting around pricing WishList Member right.
  • How to grow the WishList Member customer base.
  • The time frame from incubation of WishList Member to being able to withdraw a full salary.
  • Tracy’s take on the person he has become, how he has changed over the course of creating WishList Member.
  • The importance of understanding what makes you fulfilled and energized.
  • How Tracy unwind and recharge to be able to work on his business and not just in his business.
  • The amazing impact of relocation to a new state and town did for Tracy
  • Revisit you activities and review if you still need to do them, if the should be delegated or stop doing them.
  • How Tracy deals with procrastination, Tracy’s “dangling carrot trick”



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Resources mentioned

WishList Member™

Trusted by over 88,144 membership sites and online communities


Willpower doesn’t Work” by Benjamin P Hardy


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