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Tyler Basu: The approach to lifestyle design, accept setbacks and enjoy the journey

Tyler Basu, founder of Lifestyle Business Mag

From age 17 Tyler Basu was wondering what he wanted to do for a living and as a means to find out, he worked a dusin different job, learning from the best in the industry, and coupled with his remarkable persistence, Tyler has arrived.

Tyler is the founder and editor of Lifestyle Business Magazine, a digital magazine where you can read case studies and insights from today’s most successful lifestyle entrepreneurs and he is the host of Lifestyle Business Magazine podcast

He also the Author of “Lifestyle Business Blueprint”


Today we’ll be talking about lifestyle design, how Tyler started Lifestyle Business Magazine and what interviewing hundreds of lifestyle entrepreneurs taught him about designing a happy life.



What you will learn from Tyler

  • What Tyler learned from interviewing entrepreneurs on his first podcast and how this lead Tyler to create Lifestyle business magazine
  • How working in different industries, emulating successful people and interviewing hundreds of lifestyle entrepreneurs, helped  Tyler succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • How Tyler realized that Who he wanted to become and what lifestyle he wanted, was important for choosing the business he wanted to create.
  • How interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs helped Tyler discover the lifestyle he wanted and then the business that would fit.
  • Tyler helps us define the term “lifestyle business” and how we can use this to define our own lifestyle and business to fit.
  • The many stages and learnings Tyler went through to create Lifestyle Business Magazine as it looks today.
  • How Tyler schedules and activity-batch his days to make sure he is efficient.
  • How long it took Tyler to build an income generating business.
  • Starting out as freelancer and consultant is the easier way to get started before building a new product which will take time to monetize.
  • Start with talking to potential customers, make a few sales and if there is a demand for your expertise and if there is a fit, then you can build the infrastructure, like website etc.

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