Vasavi Kumar: Your kick-in-the-pants guide to your destination

Vasavi Kumar on Tribe Of Entrepreneur Podcast

Learn what was holding Vasavi Kumar back from starting her own business, the windy path to finally become her own boss and helping others achieve their dreams.



Today’s guest, Vasavi Kumar, will help us reaffirm that solid character and work ethic are at the foundation of prosperity,
and that committing to our goals authentically and tenaciously is what we really need to succeed.

She is a personal mentor, certified coach, licensed social worker, teacher and referred to as “your kick-in-the-pants guide en route to your desired destination”.

With appearances on a dozen TV shows, featured in The Wall Street Journal, she’s really a pro at attracting media.

She has built a thriving coaching and online business over the course of 7 years, offering people like you and me mentorship and courses on how we can take confident action.


Some questions I ask:

  • How did you manage to attract the amazing media attention you receive.
  • What does your perfect avatar look like?
  • What do you recommend we do to stop holding ourselves back from experimenting with life?
  • When did you realize you could make a living from your coaching.


What you will learn:

  • Why Vasavi feels her sole responsibility is to help others.
  • What gives Vasavi her amazing level of energy.
  • Why it is important to be very clear on your message.
  • Why Vasavi is not in the business of convincing people they need help but only accept those who recognize they need change.
  • How Vasavi keeps experimenting with her life, which she recommends everyone do.
  • Don’t think too much, follow what feels good and take action.
  • Don’t care about what others think of you, follow your own heart.
  • How Vasavi market herself and her business
  • Get rid of the voice “I’m not good enough”, accept it’s there and that it’s not real.
  • How Vasavi’s coaching business grew in 2016.



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Vasavi Kumar’s offer to people who wants change but not ready for one-on-one sessions: The Art of Confident Action


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